The Ultimate 43′ Yacht for Performance Cruising,

Offshore Racing & Short Handed Sailing

The ideal mid-40s length racer/cruiser…and a winner of The Sailing World Magazine Overall Boat of the Year, J/133 is a yacht with the stability for short-handed cruising, race winning speed under IRC & PHRF, durability for rough offshore passages.  Add in the retractable carbon bowsprit and flying and handling the asymmetrical spinnaker becomes a breeze.

J/133 combines the ultimate in cruising comfort with more powerful sailing performance ratios. The easy to manage sailplan allows fewer and less experienced crew, and the extra rig power afforded by a low VCG keel and standard Hall carbon mast will maximize performance across a wide spectrum of conditions.

Since her introduction, J/133 has established a winning record in some of the highest profile PHRF & IRC events around the world including class wins at Key West Race Week, Spi-Ouest Week in France, Storm Trysail’s BI Race Week, Storm Trysails Block Island Race and Stamford-Vineyard Race, Transpac Race, RORC’s Fastnet Race and Hamble Winter Series.

But let’s face it, racing is just part of the ownership equation for most of us.  J/133 also has full, luxurious interior accommodations with a 3-cabin single head or dual cabin-dual head layout.  There is plenty of space for getting comfortable inshore or offshore with proper offshore galley, nav station and companionway designs, lots of grab rails, large sea-berths, comfortable well ventilated cabins and a warm varnished wood finish.

With over 3,000 J/Sprit boats launched since the first J/105 in 1991, sailing with asymmetric spinnakers is now firmly entrenched and J/Boats is leading the charge. In famous sailing venues like Annapolis, Newport, San Francisco Bay and the Solent, it’s now commonplace to see more asymmetric spinnakers than conventional; and for good reason. A-sails are easier! With J/133, the ease of going fast with less crew is combined with a classic, sea-going J cruising interior, to produce a boat as comfortable to sleep aboard as she is to sail.

If you ask an owner what they like best about their J, chances are they will say, “how well she sails.” Like her stablemates, J/133 is designed for blazing speed with fingertip control, whether carving through waves upwind in 12 knots or surfing with double-reefed main in a squall. Long waterline length combined with narrow waterline beam results in a hull that tracks well through the waves with only minimal input from the wheel.

If you own a boat that is fast in light wind, is stable in a breeze, and can be sailed single-handed, chances are you’ll spend a lot more time sailing. And if one’s happiness is directly proportional to one’s sailing time, then we think J/133 will be the source of many smiles. J/133- the ultimate combination for day sailing, racing and cruising anywhere in the world.

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Interior Arrangement

J/133 main salon includes a complete J shaped galley and navigation station with full length settees in the main saloon and plenty of storage compartments. Interior finish is varnished cherry wood throughout with cherry battens on the hull in the main saloon and vinyl lining on the hull in sleeping cabins.

The standard layout offers three sleeping cabins and a dual entry head forward, a second head can be substituted for the aft port cabin. This option allows for a large storage area aft of the head, accessible through both the head (belowdecks) and from the port side cockpit storage locker. Space for a generator and additional systems is located in the chaseway area aft of the engine.

SCRIMP Construction

What’s Unique About SCRIMP Construction?
Tests conducted by the US Naval Surface Warfare Center at Carderock, MD established that the properties of laminates produced by the patented SCRIMP resin-infusion process are superior to low-energy pre-pregs used by many custom boat shops and twice the strength of hand lay-up. In our judgment, SCRIMP construction greatly reduces the chances of warranty claims due to laminate failures resulting over time from pounding into waves and/or rig tension or ballast loads.

SCRIMP Process: The entire laminate is placed in the mold dry. A high vacuum eliminates any air voids, then resin feed tubes draw in only enough resin to “wet” the laminate. This is the patented SCRIMP resin-infusion process. As can be seen from the chart above, SCRIMP laminate properties in terms of compression strength, flexure, and tension are twice the strength of hand lay-up and significantly stronger than low energy (vacuum bagged) post-cure pre-pregs. There is no entrained air in a SCRIMP laminate. It only takes 1% void content to reduce flexural strength by 10%!   See the comparison of composite properties of low cost fabrication methods in the chart above.

Principal Dimensions:


 US (ft)Metric (m)
Standard Draft7.502.29
Shoal Keel OptionTBDTBD
Engine56 hp56 hp
100% SA96489.6
Bow Sprit6.752.06

Sail Plan

The shortfall of many cruising sailboats is their over-reliance on large genoas to generate boat speed in lighter airs (under 12 knots), and their lack of stability to carry the same large genoa in winds over 15 knots. The result is a sailplan that, at best, allows one to comfortably sail near target speeds in only the narrowest of wind ranges, without having to go through the hassles of changing sail. With a moderate Sail Area to Displacement ratio and a low Vertical Center of Gravity, J/133 is designed to efficiently cruise with mainsail and 105% jib from 5-20 knots without need of reefing the sails. The bottom line is more sailing and less work on both the crew and the engine.

The mast is a double spreader custom-designed auto-claved carbon section from Hall Spars with aluminum boom and swept spreaders (no runners or checkstays). Rod rigging, integral hydraulic backstay adjuster, roller furling and a complete running rigging package are provided standard. The mast height above the water makes the Intracoastal Waterway a viable option for East Coast USA cruising or low-key regatta deliveries to Key West. The rig and deck plan can also accommodate an inner forestay system for offshore sailing.

The standard keel is designed to provide a low VCG for its weight with an optimized foil shape in section and profile. The standard dual-purpose 7.5’ draft keel is cast antimony-reinforced lead, bolted to a molded sump. A shallower draft keel is also available. The rudder blade is high aspect and shape optimized to provide the control necessary while sailing with an asymmetrical spinnaker. The rudder and rudder shaft are built of carbon fiber and machined to tolerance by ACC Marine.


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