Sailing made simple.

People say the J/22 is the best sailing boat they’ve ever been on, including other J’s. It’s responsive, stable with its fixed lead keel and safe, as much fun to single-hand with main only as it is to plane under spinnaker in 18 knots of wind.

J/22 at 1800 lbs. can be towed behind an SUV and be launched on the local yacht club hoist. With its easy-to-rig, deck-stepped mast, you can be from trailer to sailing in 30 minutes. The key to J/22’s success as a training boat is durability. It’s no wonder Sail Newport and College of Charleston love this boat. Hulls and decks are built with Baltek cored laminates to withstand years of hard use. 12-15 year old boats routinely win major J/22 championships. You’ll find the newest J/22s are even easier to maintain with stainless handrails and white composite toe-rails.

Since its introduction in 1983, the J/22 has blossomed into an International class now with 1,550+ boats sailing in 65 fleets in 18 countries. Over 130 boats sailed in the 2004 World Championship. On the merits of its sailing characteristics, widespread popularity and small crew number (3-4), J/22 continues to be the boat of choice and was again used for the 2007 Rolex International Women’s Keelboat Championship at Houston Yacht Club in Shoreacres, TX.

The boat that appeals to all ages and skill levels is now garnering more interest than ever before. With new boats available in Rhode Island, and an open J/22 World Championship in Newport, RI in 2013 you can have world class speed right out of the box and race with the top sailors in the class.

Strong International Class.

J/22 is the choice of one-design fleets and institutional sailing programs worldwide, because she has proven to be a great value and a favorite among juniors and adults alike. The hull and deck are unyielding Baltek balsa cored laminates. All deck gear is first class and located in accordance with the latest class preferences.

J/22 has a comfortable self-bailing cockpit with 7 ft. long seats and room for 4-6 people in the cabin to escape the rain or cold.

J/22 is also the key to financial success in managing public access sailing programs like Sail Newport. Such programs around the country can generate annual charter income on each J/22 nearly equal to its cost. People come back because they enjoy sailing a boat which is responsive, comfortable and dry for its size.

J/22 is built for safety with buoyancy tanks and offshore hatches. Her 700 lb. lead keel lowers the center of gravity, creating nearly 1700 foot pounds of righting moment at 90 degrees of heel.

There are over 1,550 J/22’s now sailing in 65 active fleets in eighteen countries on three continents. Recognized by the ISAF, the International J/22 Class Association promotes activities and regattas worldwide. There is a very active class web site and association newsletters. For class racing, sails are restricted to only a main, small jib and spinnaker with total crew weight at 605 lbs. There is still no better One-Design value available in a 22′ keelboat.



Sailing Features:

Racing hard with the crew or just enjoying a casual afternoon sail with friends, you’ll always be in complete control in the J/22.

Seven foot cockpit with inboard seats.
Interior with two seats below for protection in inclimate weather
1,600 new J/22 friends worldwide.
Active class association with complete regional, national and international schedules and championship regattas.

Design Features:

Flared bow sections to lift bow over waves
Durable cored E-glass construction.
Balanced fractional rig
Solid lead keel
Easily removeable transom-hung rudder

Usage Features:

Low maintenance, easy to rig.
Wire rigging
High-quality Harken blocks and winches to facilitate sail trim and adjustment.
Deck stepped mast that makes it easier to raise the mast on the trailer or in the water.
Towing the 1,800 lb J/22 with a six-cylinder sedan or SUV is child’s play. The family ride can easily take her to the next regatta.
30 minutes from trailering to sailing.
Main cabin with two comfortable seats port and starboard.
Forepeak platform for casual rest or simple overnight accommodations.

One-Design Class

International J/22 Class Association

There are currently 1,550 J/22s sailing in 65 fleets in 18 countries, with large J/22 fleets existing in North America, Europe and South Africa.

The J/22 Class and its builders have provided J/22s for women’s and men’s regattas for over 15 years. The J/22 has been one of the most actively provided boats to date in women’s match racing as well. On the merits of its sailing characteristics, worldwide distribution and smaller 3-4 person crew number, the J/22 continues to be a favorite among the sailors.

If your looking for a great class, look no further than the International J/22. Go to the International J/22 Class website for more info.

J/22 Class Association Highlights

Established 1983 and granted ISAF International Status 1990. Two-Time Winner of US Sailing’s “One-Design Class of the Year” 20 World Championships held since 1990 on three continents. Actively Maintained Class Website: www.j22.org

J/22 Class Association Highlights

Cayman Islands
South Africa

J/22 Tuning Guide Links

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J/22 Parts & Accessories

The Americas- Waterline Systems
Europe/ Asia- J/Boats Italy

Tech Specs

Tech Specs

  •   US (ft) Metric (m)
  • LOA 22.50 6.86 m
  • LWL 19.00 5.79 m
  • Beam 8.00 2.44 m
  • Draft 3.80 1.16 m
  • Displacement 1,790 812 kg
  • Lead Keel 700 318 kg
  • Engine Outboard Outboard
  • 100% SA 223 20.72 m^2
  • I 24.80 7.56 m
  • J 8.80 2.68 m
  • P 26.10 7.96 m
  • E 9.00 2.74 m
  • SA/Dspl 24 24
  • Dspl/L 117 117

Hull & Deck Construction

Lloyds approved Baltek end grained balsa core laminated construction.
Hand Lay-up E-glass in both hull and deck.
Hulls molded in one piece for fairness and finish.
Vinylester resin in outer hull skin for 10 year transferable blister warranty.
White gelcoat hull and deck.
Hi traction non-skid surfaces on deck and cockpit sole.
Deck and hull bonded with “Plexus” structural adhesive.
ORC sized white thermo-plastic toerails.
Structural main bulkhead glassed to hull and deck
Heavy-duty stainless steel chainplates bolted to main bulkhead.
Anodized aluminum compression post and bearing beam glassed into hull.
Molded interior watertight compartments.

Keel & Rudder

Lead & Antimony fin keel finished in VC Underwater Epoxy.
Near minimum weight faired transom-hung rudder.
Heavy-duty SS rudder gudgeons and hardware.
Custom laminated tiller with hiking stick.

Spars & Rigging

Tapered Hall Spars aluminum class mast
Airfoil spreaders with thru‑bar spreader bracket.
Gibb “T” terminals, and black measurement bands.
Class Certified Boom w/Harken internal outhaul purchase.
Forespar spinnaker pole with ultra ends.
1 x 19 Standing Rigging with open body adjustable turnbuckles.
Complete class optimized running rigging kit.

Deck Hardware

Harken deck hardware kit including mainsheet traveler track and car, spinnaker blocks and hardware, backstay blocks, and halyard cleats.
Harken cabin top winches.
Schaefer race jib tracks and adjustable cars.
Bow chocks and 1 bow pad eye.
Stainless Steel hand rails.
Transom corner cleats.

Auxiliary Power

Optional Lightweight Outboard Bracket

Running Rigging

Main Halyard 5/16″ T-900 w/Wichard shackle.
Jib Halyard 5/16″ T-900.
Spinnaker Halyard ¼” XLS Extra.
Main Sheet 3/8” XLS.
Jib Sheet 3/8” STA-SET.
Spinnaker Sheets 5/16” STA-SET X Lite.
Backstay, Traveler and Twings ¼” Novetec Dinghy Braid.
Foreguy 5/16″ Ultralite.
Vang Line 5/16” STA-SET.
Main Cunningham 1:1 – 1/8″ Spectra and 3/16″ Ultralite.


Two Tone Deck.
Lightweight outboard motor bracket.
V-Berth cushions.
Spinnaker Launching Bag (installed).
Waterline Systems – Faired Epoxy Bottom.


Above specifications are subject to change without prior notice or obligation, J Boats and/or Waterline Systems reserves the right to periodically upgrade specifications through additions, deletions and substitution.



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