The J/92s- Simple to Handle, Fun to Sail & Fast!

The J/92s is a high-performance, affordable 30 footer that is both manageable and comfortable for short-handed and family sailing as well as a fun boat on the race course.

The J/92s hull shares the design pedigree of the J/92, a past overall winner of Sailing World Magazine’s Boat-of-the-Year, and a successful design in its own right with over 170 boats built in Europe and North America. From the 92 platform, the J/92s has been optimized with a newly designed cockpit, deck, keel, rudder, and sail plan with non-overlapping headsails. The new masthead asymmetrical spinnaker is flown from a retractable carbon bow sprit for simple downwind sailing in complete control. The net result is a family-friendly boat with more stability, improved sailing comfort and a noticeable performance boost.

The J/92s has proven popular in Europe with one-design racing in England with strong fleets competing in renowned Solent events like the Warsash Spring Series, Cowes Week and Hamble Winter Series. On the continent, European sailing on 92s’s have been strong in Sweden (part of the Match Race Center), The Netherlands and France– particularly at La Rochelle Week and the famous Spi Ouest Regatta in La Trinite Sur Mer. Several J/92s’s have been “turbo-charged” for the Swiss, German and Italian Lakes, with lighter, taller rigs to accommodate the frequent light-air racing they encounter at higher altitudes.

J/92s is an easy-to-own 30 footer that addresses the need for a mid-range sprit boat with inboard auxiliary and week-ending accommodations.

Introduced: 1992
Built to: Hull #150
Last Model Year: 2003

Articles & Review

J/92s Reviews

“We sailed the J/92S at the Chicago NOOD Regatta two days after launching. Despite no practice and having only four crew, our boat handling was really good. It is amazing how easy it is to sail this boat. Jibing is a snap. We even got a first place in one of the races and ended up 3rd out of the 17 boat fleet. The boat is really cool and responsive.” Richie Stearns- STEARNS BOATING- Chicago, IL

“I absolutely love this boat. It feels good on all points of sail. It definitely reinforced my love of sprit boats. Just like a big J/80. Lots of fun!” Scott Spurlin- J/BOATS SOUTHWEST- Houston, TX

Hamble Winter Series- “The breeze was up to 12 knots at the start and built to 16 mid race. The fleet was made up of 13 J/109’s, 8 J/105’s a Max Fun 35 and the J/92S. We were sailing under IRC handicap in a bowsprit class in the Hamble Winter Series. In this wind strength we knew that the rest of the fleet (being all at least 4 feet longer) would be powered up, sailing upwind at hull speed and that we would be gagging for air. Coming off the line we found that we could hold our lane initially, however it was not long before a well sailed J/109 that had been boxed at the start, started to roll us to windward, it appeared that they were reaching over us, but upon closer inspection, as they disappeared around our bow, it became clear we were simply outpointing the rest of the fleet, albeit sailing slower.

The next leg was a broad reach, maybe 150 TWA, we set the 82sq m code 2 and advanced on the fleet, we sailed lower and faster and passed 5 or 6 boats on this three quarter mile leg. We wanted and secured a nice inside berth at the gybe mark and spun around on to a shy reach. The wind was now 125 true about 90 apparent. This was real high stability leg, the leading J/109 was way ahead sailing well, being closed down by the lead J/105. We expected that the J/105’s with their tremendous stability would step away from us here, certainly on the old 92 that would have been the case. In fact we found that we could maintain our lane as the windward boat and rolled over 3 or 4 J/105’s and J/109’s plus the much faster rated Max Fun. The final J/105 we rolled on this leg, had a crew of 8 guys and one girl, we were 3 guys and 3 girls on the 92S. Every time a gust came, a surge of the spin sheet with a little bow down, allowed us to burst forward.

Next was 2.5 mile beat, with the fleet beginning to spread and a free choice of lanes the fast acceleration and high pointing of the 92S, made tacking on all the shifts worthwhile. On this beat, the subsequent run and final shorter beat, we continued to reel in and pass more J/109’s and J/105’s. At the finish we were ahead on the water of 7 of the J 105’s and 7 of the J/109’s. Once the handicaps were calculated, the J/109’s were first and second, followed by the top J/105 and then the J/92S. Not a bad result for the smallest boat in the class!” Paul Heys, J-UK- England

Tech Specs

Tech Specs

  •   ft/lb m/kg
  • LOA 30.00 9.14
  • LWL 26.70 8.14
  • Beam 10.00 3.05
  • Standard Draft 6.24 1.90
  • Standard Ballast 2,317 1,051
  • Displacement 5,610 2,545
  • Engine 13 hp 13 hp
  • 100% SA 505 46.91
  • I 40.68 12.40
  • ISP 44.08 13.44
  • J 11.48 3.50
  • P 38.88 11.85
  • E 13.95 4.25
  • SA/Dspl 26 26
  • Dspl/L 131 131


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