Laser SB3

Laser SB3

Ultimate racing boat built for the power of three

Designed by Tony Castro, the Laser SB3 is an exhilarating and fast three-person sport boat. It’s modern and powerful rig makes it excellent for one-design and sport boat racing. Keelboat stiffness ensures a great ride downwind in a heavy breeze. Dinghy-like performance offers tactical and close racing.

Perks of the SB3 include a high-tech x-ply Mylar mainsail and jib, a “sit-in” cockpit for onboard communication and a level playing field and adjustable rig with a fixed forestay.

The Laser SB3 is the recent winner of Sailing World’s overall Boat of The Year (all categories) for 2008.



  • Mast raising and lowering made simple—rig-able and ready to sail in under an hour.
  • Additional space for crew maneuvers with the Gnav system.
  • Unprecedented class race circuit sponsorship.
  • Sports boat sailing for a crew of three or four (subject to weight limit).
  • Maximum crew weight limit for close competition.
  • Lifting keel for easy launch and recovery—tows like a dream.
  • Low aspect keel and high ballast ratio for a very stiff and stable sports boat.
  • Sit-in bars prevent hiking and promote on-board communication.
  • Class no-hiking rule—race results rely on skills and tactics and not on fitness
  • Modern powerful rig and high aspect gennaker keep sheet loads to a minimum.
  • Comfortable wide-open cockpit with clear uncluttered controls.
  • Identical boats with strict one-design class rules for hull rig and sails ensure close competition and low running costs.

Download a brochure of theLaser SB3’s features and specifications.




This is the classic boat you grew up with two easy to rig lines and easy-snap sail rings.

Sunfish Race
The Race version includes an outhaul, cunningham, race-sail with window and quick-release gooseneck upgrades. The International Sunfish Class sanctions more than 1,000 racing events each year. The class will keep you posted with its quarterly magazine Windward Leg and provide valuable performance tips. You’ll always have someone to challenge you.


The Laser SB3 comes with a Vela gray hull and deck; mainsail and jib are white and spinnaker is available in white or yellow.

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Laser SB3: $39,500 USD


King of Cowes

King of Cowes

Founded in 1826, Skandia Cowes Week has become the largest and most prestigious sailing regatta in the World. Over 1,000 boats, in 32 classes, now race in this great sailing regatta. Until 2007 class winners never had an opportunity to race each other on a level playing field, now they can identify the ultimate King of Cowes.

For the first time in 2007 the Laser SB3 Class, in association with Volkswagen Touareg and with the support of Cowes Combined Clubs and Skandia Cowes Week, created a very special invitation only event to find the Volkswagen Touareg King of Cowes at Skandia Cowes Week.

Entrants by Year

2008 = 84

2007 = 98 + 1 withdrawn

2006 = 90

2005 = 66 + 1 withdrawn

2004 = 33


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