Sunfish Race

Sunfish Race

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The Sunfish is one of sailing’s best known brands. Unmatched in simplicity, its user-friendly design continues to combine performance, economy and fun. Its lightweight hull, kick-up rudder system, and maintenance free design affords easy launching and retrieval. An ultimate beach craft, the Sunfish holds its resale value due to a robust construction, highlighted by hard chines and a flat underbody. The lightweight dinghy offers six sail color options, can be stored almost anywhere, and is a snap to car-top.

A popular International class, the Sunfish Race features a race sail with window, and ability to rig an outhaul, cunningham and quick release gooseneck. The International Sunfish Class has an active management that sanctions hundreds of racing events worldwide.

Sunfish comes with a racing sail and kit plus hull in your choice of colored-striped hull.

For more information on the Sunfish, see the Parts Locator, Rigging Guide and Sunfish Brochure.



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