People go sailing because it is fun, pure and simple. The problem for today’s sailors is that a combination of high interest rates and increasingly scarce mooring and marina space have in many instances made boat ownership a lot less simple, and its fun a lot less pure!

This office shares with Precision Boat Works the firm belief that sailing should still be pure fun, and that the real key to the fun is in keeping it simple! Nowhere is it written that in order to enjoy a day on the water a sailor needs a boat that costs as much to buy as a house, even more to maintain, and that requires half a football team to sail properly; on the contrary, as the explosive growth in board sailing has shown, the purest sailing fun can often best be delivered in very small, simple packages! It is just this ‘small and simple’ concept that lies at the heart of the Precision 18 design requirements; a boat small enough to be easily trailered behind today’s small cars, simple enough to be inexpensive, but big enough to sleep aboard (out of the weather) and stable enough to take along the family. And finally, a boat with the lively performance and good sea manners required to make sailing her fun!

In attempting to fulfill similar requirements, too many builders have simply taken a successful racing design and installed a ‘cruising’ interior. Unfortunately, while the long fine bow and broad flat transom of this type hull form can be devastatingly fast when in the hands of a hot racing crew, it can also be dangerously unstable for a family boat, and is therefore completely unsuited to cruising applications. This office has recently developed four different trailerable cruising designs, with over 500 built in just the past three years. Each was drawn for a different builder and market target, but all share distinctly full sections above the waterline forward and only moderately full sections aft. The Precision 18 is our latest design to be developed from this basic hullform which our experience has proven to provide a reassuring margin of reserve buoyancy forward, improved ultimate stability and especially forgiving handling characteristics, all essential elements of any good cruising design.

The long shallow keel, kick-up rudder, and non-corroding fiberglass centerboard of the Precision 18 are all high-lift NACA ‘wing sections.’ The keel allows the board to be housed completely below the cabin sole and gets the ballast down low for stability. The board itself weighs only 65 pounds so that it does not form a major portion of the total ballast, stability is not dangerously reduced when it is retracted, and it can be raised easily by a child with no need for a winch.

The simple fractional rig can be raised right on the trailer in minutes. The jib is of very high aspect ratio for maximum efficiency, but small enough to be readily trimmed by a young crew. The mainsail can be quickly ‘depowered’ in puffy conditions, and it is large enough to provide good performance without the jib when desired — a big advantage when in a crowded anchorage or when shorthanded. The cockpit is full 6′ 4″ long with coamings high enough to keep the crew securely inside. Both seats and coamings are precisely angled for maximum comfort, reflecting our years of careful ergonomic design development. There is a generous anchor locker forward, a fuel tank storage bin to port, and a full cockpit locker to starboard.

The Precision 18 is designed to be a lively, well-mannered sailboat rather than a floating vacation home, but the features described are noteworthy nonetheless. There is ample sitting headroom for 4 and a filler cushion that drops to form a 6’6″ v=berth that is NOT broken up by the usual awkward mast support post. There are 6′ quarter berths port and starboard, not to mention a 48 quart cooler, provision for a portable head, and 12-volt battery. A forward hatch provides ventilation and an emergency exit, and the large companionway and 4 opening cabin windows contribute to the feeling of light and open space.

Carefully controlling construction weight is critical to both performance and to price, but it cannot be done at the expense of safety or structural integrity. Thus the hull liner of the Precision 18 is engineered as a structural grid, and tooled to mate precisely with the hand-laminated hull skin. The mast support beam and chain plate loads are carried by structural bulkheads and there are rugged hull stringers to distribute the stresses imposed by trailering. The external hull/deck joint is bonded both chemically and mechanically, and the flange is protected with a vinyl rub rail.

The Precision 18 has been kept small in size and price, but remains big in both features and performance. She promises to deliver the fun, pure and simple!

Jim Taylor


LOA –17′ 5″
LWL — 15′ 5″
BEAM — 7′ 5″
DRAFT, Board up — 1′ 6″
DRAFT, Board down — 4′ 3″
Displacement — 1100 lbs.
Ballast — 350 lbs
Sail area — 145 sq. ft.
Mast height above DWL — 27′
Designer: – Jim Taylor

Standard Equipment

  • Hand laid fiberglass hull and deck
  • Shoal draft keep w/fiberglass center board
  • Structural molded fiberglass liner
  • Lead ballasted, self-righting design
  • Kick-up fiberglass and aluminum rudder
  • Laminated mahogany and ash tiller
  • Molded in non-skid deck surface
  • 6’4″ self bailing cockpit
  • Fuel tank locker
  • Cockpit seat locker
  • Sliding companionway hatch
  • Molded in toerail
  • 4-6″ mooring cleats
  • Shear stripe
  • Waterline stripe
  • Stainless steel bow rail, stern rail, stanchions
  • and boarding ladder
  • Stainless steel, kick up motor mount
  • Stainless steel bow eye
  • Teak wood trim
  • 4-opening cabin windows
  • Aluminum opening forward hatch
  • Hinged mast step
  • Anodized mast and boom
  • Stainless steel standing rigging
  • Split back stay
  • Cockpit lead halyards
  • Open body turnbuckles w/toggles
  • Dacron running rigging
  • “Harken” ball bearing blocks
  • Berths for 4 adults
  • Deluxe 3″ fabric cushions
  • Backrest cushions
  • Upholstered cabin headliner
  • Molded storage lockers
  • Cabin storage shelves
  • 48 quart ice chest w/teak step
  • Electrical system W/ navigation and cabin lights
  • Battery box
  • Space for Porta Potti
  • Dacron main and jib sails
  • Limited 5 year warranty

Price of Boat and Accessories


Base Price With Standard Equipment$20,485.00
Roller Furling 150% Genoa With Gear in lieu of Std.$1,225.00
Fiberglass Rudder Blade in lieu of WoodStandard
Boom Vang$199.00
Main Sail Cover – Dark Blue Sunbrella$242.00
Thetford Porta Potti (uninstalled)Dealer supplied
Tiller Cover$40.00
Cockpit Cushions (P&S) Vinyl Covered Foam$575.00
Portable Ice ChestStandard
Outboard Motor BracketStandard
Transom Mount Mast CarrierN/A
Galvanized Trailer Single Axle$2,390.00
Bunker Load Fee, Boat Shipped w/o Trailer$195.00

Detail Specification

Handicap Rating
Portsmouth99.5 DPN
Performance Handicap
Racing Fleet
Sail Plan
I (Jib Height)19.00 ft.
J (Jib Width)5.50 ft.
E (Mainsail Width)8.25 ft.
P (Mainsail Height)20.00 ft.
Sail Area (approximate)
Total145 sq. ft.
Main85 sq. ft.
Jib60 sq. ft.
Genoa72 sq. ft.
Spin145 sq. ft.
Battens 5/8 in stock
2 @18 in.
1 @24 in.
Cockpit Length
at Seat Height76 in.
Cabin Headroom
44 in.
Berth Length
Quarter Berth, Stbd68 in.
Quarter Berth, Port68 in.
V-Berth, Centerline76 in.
V-Berth, Parallel to Hull Side81 in.
Thetford Porta PottiDealer Supplied
Battery Box
Battery Box std w/o battery
Running RiggingDIA – Length
Main Halyard5/16 in. – 43 ft.
Cockpit Lead5/16 in. – 49 ft.
Jib Halyard5/16 in. – 32 ft.
Main Sheet5/16 in. – 34 ft.
Jib Sheet1/4 in. – 28 ft.
Genoa Sheet1/4 in. – 38 ft.
Downhaul3/16 in. – 3 ft.
Out Haul3/16 in. – 12 ft.
Jiffy Reef3/16 in. – 18 ft.
Topping Lift1/8 in. – 26 ft.
Cntrbd Pennant1/4 in. – 8 ft.
Boom Vang5/16 in. – 18 ft.
Standing Rigging*NOTE-Turnbuckle 2/3 open
Forestay1/8 in. 1 X 19  19 ft. 6 1/4 in.*
Upper Shrouds1/8 in. 1 X 19  18 ft. 6 1/2 in.
Lower Shrouds1/8 in. 1 X 19  10 ft. 1 in.
Backstay1/8 in. 1 X 19  23 ft. 8 1/2 in.
Backstay Bridle1/8 in. 1 X 19  1 ft. 10 1/4 in.
1/4 in. w/ 1/4 x 3/4 in Clevis Pins
Mast22 ft. 4 in.
Boom8 ft. 8 in.
Spreaders22 in.
Spinnaker Pole5 ft. 6 in.
Weight320 lbs.
Coupling Size2 in.
Wheel/Tire Size205/65/10 5-lug
Shipping Dimensions
Boat onlyBoat W/CradleBoat W/Trailer
 Height65 in.70 in.83 in.*
Width86 in.86 in.86 in.
Length227 in.227 in.247 in.
Volume771.6 c ft.818.4 c ft.979.6 c ft.
Weight1100 lbs.1350 lbs.1500 lbs.
  *NOTE: W/ trailer winch stand removed

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