This office has designed its share of large custom yachts, but our enthusiasm for smaller boats remains undiminished. We have found that small-boat sailors often derive far more satisfaction from their modest craft than jaded jet-setters do from one of their extravagant toys, and this has reinforced our continued determination to treat our smaller designs not as less significant, only less big. We have great pride in applying the same standards to all our work.

Our previous designs for Precision Boat Works are the Precision 18, one of the simplest and most affordable trailerables that can be practically cruised, and the Precision 23, one of the biggest cruisers that can be practically trailered. Our new Precision 21 design has been sized to fit right between her two sisters and is intended to appeal to sailors requiring neither the minimum cost of a mini, nor the extra space of a maxi-trailerable.

The great care that both designer and builder have put into the development of the Precision 21 is perhaps most clearly reflected in her interior. Her main cabin berths are laid out properly fore and aft. The optional head can be accessed without having to wake any children sleeping forward, and there is storage for toiletries under this same hinged cushion. The galley is not an awkward slide-away module, but a solidly built-in unit with a stainless sink, garbage bin and alcohol stove. A 48 quart cooler is convenient to both the cockpit and the cabin and there is a large, dry storage area aft, accessible from inside the cabin. The battery box is located outside the living space in the large cockpit locker to starboard, and the centerboard pendant tube is protected by being fully enclosed inside the molded companionway step.

For small cruisers, a winged keel is more an inexpensive expedient than it is sensible design. In order to be effective, the wings themselves need to be quite large, which makes them awkward and prone to damage at the launching ramp, and when it comes to mud-banks, it is with good reason that they are referred to as ‘Danforth’ wings! The Precision 21 features a more versatile and practical keel/centerboard combination, whose NACA ‘wing section’ foil can be fully extended for maximum efficiency upwind, fully retracted from minimum drag downwind, and left anywhere in between to fine tune the helm on a breezy reach. The board itself weighs only 70 pounds, and it will safely kick up and over underwater obstructions, giving ample warning of shoal water. “Easing off” after inevitable groundings can simply be a matter of raising the board.

The cockpit of the Precision 21 is over 7 feet long, and features seats and coamings precisely angled for comfort both with upright and when heeled. The inboard chain plates not only allow exceptionally close-winded performance to weather, but they leave ample side decks clear, providing unobstructed passage past the sleekly styled cabin house to the anchor locker forward.

Precision Boat Works shares our enthusiasm for small boats, and they have always executed our designs with meticulous care.

Jim Taylor


LOA — 20′ 9″
LWL — 17′ 6″
BEAM — 8′ 3″
DRAFT, Board up — 1′ 9″
DRAFT, Board down — 4′ 8″
Displacement — 1,875 lbs.
Ballast — 600 lbs
Sail area — 203 sq. ft.
Mast height above DWL — 30′ 0″
Designer: — Jim Taylor

Standard Equipment

Hull and Deck

  • Iso/NPT gel coat finish
  • Hand laminated fiberglass construction
  • Molded in non-skid surface
  • Shoal draft keel with fiberglass centerboard
  • Internal lead ballast
  • On deck anchor locker
  • Molded toe rails w/drains
  • Opening forward hatch
  • 4-6″ mooring cleats
  • Stainless steel bow pulpit
  • Stainless steel stern rail, stanchions & lifelines
  • Boarding ladder
  • Stainless steel bow eye
  • Teak trim
  • Accent waterline & sheer stripes
  • Teak handrails
  • 2 fixed and 2 opening ports
  • Cockpit

  • 7’1″ self bailing cockpit
  • Ventilated fuel tank locker
  • Sail locker
  • Laminated ash and mahogany tiller
  • Stainless steel adjustable motor mount
  • Welded aluminum rudder head
  • Fiberglass kick-up rudder
  • Cabin

  • Molded ‘structural grid’ hull liner
  • Deluxe fabric covered cushions
  • Berths for 4 adults
  • Backrest cushions w/shelves
  • Shelves over v-berths
  • Molded storage lockers under berths
  • Head area located forward of bulkhead
  • Electrical

  • 12 volt electrical system
  • Fused switch panel
  • Interior lights
  • Navigation lights
  • Steaming light
  • Battery box
  • Spars and Rigging

  • Anodized mast & boom
  • 4:1 ‘Harken’ mainsheet system
  • Genoa winches & handle
  • “Harken” ball bearing blocks
  • Genoa track with cars
  • Prestretched Dacron halyards
  • Spliced halyard shackles
  • Prestretched Dacron sheets & running rigging
  • Split backstay
  • Chromed bronze open body turnbuckles w/toggles
  • Topping lift
  • Hinged mast step
  • Swaged stainless steel standing rigging
  • Galley

  • Alcohol stove
  • Stainless steel sink
  • Manual water pump
  • Storage bins
  • Self contained water system
  • 48 qt. Igloo ice chest with teak step
  • Sails

  • Dacron main and jib
  • Jiffy reefing system with 1 reef point

Price of Boat and Accessories

Base Price With Standard Equipment $29,985.00
Roller Furling 150% Genoa With Gear in lieu of Std. $1,595.00
Fiberglass Rudder Blade in lieu of Wood Standard
Boom Vang $199.00
Main Sail Cover – Dark Blue Sunbrella $265.00
Jib Sock N/A
Tiller Cover $40.00
Cockpit Cushions (P&S) Vinyl Covered Foam $695.00
Thetford Porta Potti (uninstalled) Dealer supplied
Portable Ice Chest Standard
Outboard Motor Bracket Standard
Transom Mount Mast Carrier N/A
Galvanized Trailer Single Axle $2,840.00
Bunker Load Fee, Boat Shipped w/o Trailer $285.00

Detail Specification

Handicap Rating
Portsmouth 94.3 (2006) DPN
PHRF 255
Sail Plan
I (Jib Height) 22.70 ft.
J (Jib Width) 7.00ft.
E (Mainsail Width) 9.50 ft.
P (Mainsail Height) 23.70 ft.
Sail Area (approximate)
Total 203 sq. ft.
Main 116 sq. ft.
Jib 87 sq. ft.
Genoa, 155% 122 sq. ft.
Spin 243 sq. ft.
Battens 5/8 in stock – (quanity, length)
1 @
1 @
1 @
18 in.
24 in.
27 in.
Cockpit Length
at Seat Height 82 in.
Cabin Headroom
50 in.
Berth Length
V-Berth –  Centerline 76 in.
V-Berth –  Parallel to hull side 79.5 in.
Quarter Berth –  starboard side 97.5 in.
Quarter Berth –  port side 92.5 in.
Portable Head
Thetford Porta Potti Dealer Supplied
Battery Box
Battery Box std w/o battery
Running Rigging DIA – Length
Main Halyard 3/8 in. – 53 ft.
Cockpit Lead 3/8 in. – 61 ft.
Jib Halyard 3/8 in. – 44 ft.
Main Sheet 3/8 in. – 66 ft.
Jib Sheet 5/16 in. – 30 ft.
Genoa Sheet 5/16 in. – 50 ft.
Out Haul 1/4 in. – 12 ft..
Boom Vang 1/4 in. – 20 ft.
Jiffy Reef 1/4 in. – 17 ft.
Topping Lift 1/4 in. – 30 ft.
Cntrbd Pennant 1/4 in. – 9 ft.
Rudder Downhaul 3/16 in. – 4 ft.
Rudder Lifting Line 3/16 in. – 6 ft.
Boom Vang 5/16 in. – 18 ft.
Lifelines* 18 ft. 9 in.
Lifeline Gate * 1 ft. 2.75 in.
*NOTE-Length may very on each lifeline and gate
Standing Rigging Diameter and -Length
Forestay 5/32 in. 1 X 19 – 23ft. 6 in.
Upper Shrouds 5/32 in. 1 X 19 – 21 ft. 11 in.
Lower shrouds 5/32 in. 1 X 19 – 10 ft. 9 in.
Backstay 5/32 in. 1 X 19 – 28 ft 9.5 in.
backstay Bridle 5/32 in. 1 X 19 – 2 ft 0 in.
1/4 inch with 1/4 x 3/4 in clevis pins
Mast 27 ft. 1 in.
Boom 10 ft. 0 in.
Spreaders 22 1/4 in.
Weight 440 LBS
Coupling Size 2 in.
Wheel/Tire Size 20.5 X 8-10 5 Lug
Load Range B
Shipping Dimensions
P-21 Boat only Boat W/Cradle Boat W/Trailer
 Height 78 in. 78in. 90 in.
Width 98 in. 98 in. 98 in.
Length 268 in. 268 in. 290 in.
Volume 1185 c ft. 1276.7 c ft. 1480.2 c ft.
Weight 1875 lbs. 2125 lbs. 2235 lbs.

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