Odyssey AF

Odyssey Air-Floor Roll-ups. The Easiest Choice for a Stowable Tender

The new Odyssey 310 Air Floor is perfect for those looking for simplicity and performance in a stowable tender. Light and compact, the Odyssey series is the ultimate “boat in a bag”. All Odyssey models roll up quickly and easily to fit in a storage/carry bag (included), making it easy to get on the water faster or store it when not in use.

Available in German Made Heytex PVC or ORCA CSM.

240 PVC $1379 – 270 PVC $1449 – 310 PVC $1549

270 CSM $2249 – 310 CSM $2449

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Standard Features & Components

  • Collapsible and light RTM molded fiberglass transom
  • Modern tapered tube design leaves more room in the bow and space for a fuel tank
  • Larger diameter tubes for more buoyancy and carrying capacity
  • “Easy Lift” transom lip carrying point and bow lifting handle
  • Built in transom Trim Tabs for more lift and earlier planing
  • Available in German made Heytex PVC or ORCA CSM
  • Light weight rub rail
  • Two piece light weight oars
  • RTM molded fiberglass seat
  • 2 rear carrying handles, 4 webbing handles & 1 bow handle
  • 4 davit lifting points, 2 towing D-rings
  • High pressure hand pump
  • Repair kit
  • Easy to stow storage/ carrying bag
  • Fuel tank tie-down straps in bow
  • Short Shaft recommended

High Pressure Inflatable V-Hull

Constructed from two layers of durable copolymer polyester fabric, joined inside by thousands of drop stitch fibers and inflates to form a lightweight rigid deck, Odyssey’s Air Floor Series offers performance, combined with effortless setup and takedown-just inflate and go, deflate and stow.

Tube Options

Walker Bay is one of the only inflatable boat manufacturers in the world to offer a choice in fabric options: ORCA CSM or PVC. Built to last, both fabrics offer durable seams using a 3 layer process with all seams internally and externally butted for maximum reliability. The answer to which fabric should you choose lies in what you are looking for in an inflatable.
If price isn’t a concern, ORCA CSM is an excellent choice for warmer climates or the avid boater. Casual boaters or those who live in milder climates can reap the economical benefits of a PVC boat. Regardless of your choice, a boat cover is strongly recommended as it will protect your tube and prolong the lifespan of your boat.

Custom Features

  • Rounded Tube Ends offer more internal space versus traditional pointed tubes as there is greater length in the cockpit than in tube end
  • Large diameter multi-chamber tubes provide a safer, drier ride
  • Premium one-way valves


  • Model240 AF270 AF310 AF
  • Floor TypeAir FloorAir FloorAir Floor
  • Dimensions   
  • Overall Length (cm / feet)240 cm / 7′ 11″270 cm / 8′ 10″310 cm / 10′ 2″
  • Inside Length (cm / feet)
  • Beam (cm / inches)153 cm / 60″154 cm / 61″154 cm / 61″
  • Inside Beam (cm / inches)
  • Tube Diameter (cm / inches)42 cm / 16.5″42 cm / 16.5″42 cm / 16.5″
  • Total Weight (kg / lbs)22 / 4925 / 5528 / 62
  • Airtight Compartments2+12+22+2
  • Tube MaterialHeytex PVCHeytex PVC or ORCA CSMHeytex PVC or ORCA CSM
  • Capacity   
  • Passengers334
  • Max. Payload (kb / lbs)420 / 924540 / 1188650 / 1430
  • Outboard Data   
  • Short ShaftYesYesYes
  • Recommended Power568
  • Max. Recommended Power6810
  • Max. Speed (Knots)131518
  • Storage Dimensions   
  • Length (cm / feet)112 / 44112 / 44112 / 44
  • Width (cm / feet)69 / 2769 / 2769 / 27
  • Height (cm / feet)30.5 / 1230.5 / 1230.5 / 12

All Dimensions & Weights indicated have a tolerance of plus or minus 3% and 5% respectively.
Weights as measured for lifting purposes do not include removable seat and oars. Oars weight is 3.3lbs / 1.5kg and seat weight is 7.5lbs/3.4kg respectively. Published weights are for PVC model.



High Pressure Inflatable V-Hull

The Odyssey Air Floor series are designed for a safe, dry, comfortable ride. The high-pressure deep V-hull inflates to over 11psi creating a very rigid hull that provides a smooth ride in rough chop & performs well with a smaller motor.

Safe, Dry and Comfortable

All Odyssey Inflatables are built using large diameter 17”-18” multi-chamber tubes which provide a safer, drier ride. Webbing handles are specifically placed for improved boating safety and oars are externally mounted so they are available and ready to use when you need them.


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