Supertender Console




Heavy on Features, Light on Weight.

Now available in 325 (10’8″) or 365 (12′) versions, see specifications.
The feature loaded Supertender Console RIB combines the new Supertender RIB boat with our fully integrated injection molded Console unit. Together they create an amazing small RIB, boasting more storage than any boat this size, superior comfort and exceptional performance from a deep V Hull. The custom designed console offers more legroom for the driver, creating an exceptionally comfortable riding position. Integrated seat cushions and backrest combined with the smooth ride of the deep V hull give passengers the feeling of being in a boat twice the price.
Available in German Made Heytex PVC or ORCA CSM fabric.

325 ST PVC Console $6279 – 365 ST PVC Console $6824

325 STX PVC Console $6897 – 365 STX PVC Console $7374

325 STH CSM Console $7103 – 365 STH CSM Console $7674

325 STXH CSM Console $7721 – 365 STXH CSM Console $8224

* Price is for Boat and Console Only, Rigging and Power are extra. Dealer may sell for less.


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325 STX Console Shown

Key Features

  • Extra Deep V in the hull provides a smoother ride in rough water
  • Hull shape defl ects water down for a dryer ride
  • Wider bow means more space up front and room enough for a large bow
  • Locker which fi ts a large 6.6 gallon gas tank.
  • Built tough from Walker Bay’s DuraTech™ molded construction. Vacuum
  • Resin molded with a foam core making it stronger and lighter that other
  • Comparable boats
  • Available in either German Heytex PVC or ORCA CSM fabric
  • Large 17” diameter tubes and towing D-Rings included
  • Additional reinforcement areas in the hull and deck for diff erent
  • Davit lifting point options
  • Tube set length matched to LOA with motor for maximum performance
  • Basic Version with Genesis Light seat and no bow locker or DLX version
  • With Genesis Deluxe seat and large Bow Locker
  • Available as a Console or Open RIB Option.


  • ModelConsole 325STConsole 325STXConsole 365STConsole 365STX
  • DescriptionStandard ConsoleDeluxe ConsoleStandard ConsoleDeluxe Console
  • Dimensions    
  • Overall Length (cm / feet)325/10′ 8″325/10′ 8″365/12′365/12′
  • Overall Length (w/ engine, cm / feet)327/10′ 9″327/10′ 9″367/12’1″367/12’1″
  • Internal Length (cm / feet)236/7′ 7″236/7′ 7″272/8’11”272/8’11”
  • Beam (cm / feet)163/64″163/64″170/67″170/67″
  • Inside Beam (cm / feet)78/30.5″78/30.5″78/30.5″78/30.5″
  • Tube Diameter (cm / feet)43/17″43/17″46/18″46/18″
  • Total Weight (kg / lbs)111/244118/259135/297143/314
  • Airtight Compartments3333
  • Tube MaterialHeytex PVC or ORCA CSMHeytex PVC or ORCA CSMHeytex PVC or ORCA CSMHeytex PVC or ORCA CSM
  • Capacity    
  • Passengers5566
  • Maximum Payload (kg / lbs)777/1709777/1709950/2090950/2090
  • Outboard Data    
  • Shaft LengthShortShortShort & Long VersionsShort & Long Versions
  • Min. Recommended Power20202020
  • Max. Recommended Power30303030
  • Max. Speed (Knots)28KT28KT28KT28KT
  • Maximum Motor Weight80/17580/17580/17580/175
  • Storage Dimensions    
  • Length (cm / feet)259/8′ 6″259/8′ 6″295/8′ 8″295/8′ 8″
  • Width (cm / feet)101/3′ 3″101/3′ 3″101/3′ 3″101/3′ 3″
  • Height (cm / feet)43/1′ 5″43/1′ 5″52/1′ 8″52/1′ 8″

All Dimensions & Weights indicated have a tolerance of plus or minus 3% and 5% respectively. Weights as measured for lifting purposes, do not include removable seat and oars where applicable



The smoothest and driest ride in rough conditions. Find comfort in a small RIB.

The Hull of the Supertender has a Deep V which cuts smoothly through rough chop for a smoother rides vs. other small RIBS its size. The shape of the V also deflects water down and not up into cross winds so you stay dry in rough windy conditions. This combined with the wider bow design also blocks any spray keeping it away from passengers. The Supertender has a pronounced chine which grips better in turns so there is no cavitation of the motor. The V in the hull is gradually reduced to stern creating a section in the rear of the hull for lift and improved early planing. Smooth dry ride combined with early planing. Everything you need in a small RIB.


The New Supertender is so new there are no reviews yet! Please check back later for more.

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