Should I have my boat surveyed? 11.14.17

When purchasing a used boat we are commonly asked, do I need to have a boat survey?

A boat surveyor is a fact-finder employed to go over a boat with a magnify glass, find out what’s needed and what’s not, and through careful scrutiny help the buyer make a decision based on facts not emotions. The boat surveyor will provide an in-depth report on its current condition, recommend repairs or upgrades to ensure the boat is fit for its intended use.


While sometimes it may seem hard to justify the cost. Going into a purchase with full knowledge of what you’re buying is invaluable. A survey report will always give you a better insight into what you’re getting into and if you’re a beginner boater a better understanding of your boat and what will be necessary to maintain it. If you’re handed a report with basic maintenance and little else, great, you have peace of mind.


Having a boat surveyed can give you better negotiating power, help prevent buying a major headache, save you time and money in the long run.


Just like cars, certain model boats are known to have recurring problems or requirements. A good surveyor is knowledge in his area of expertise. You will want to go to  or to find and accredit surveyor in your area.


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