The Importance of Regular Maintenance October 6, 2022

They say the two best days of your boating days are the day you purchase and the day you sell your boat.

I’ve often wondered why so many people say that. There are a bunch of days in-between full of joyful smiles, laughter, faces turned towards the sun, wind in the hair, thrills of whipping behind a boat on skis and coming home completely exhausted from fun in the sun out on the water. I wonder if it’s the days of breaking down due to lack of maintenance and planning that contribute to this way of thinking. 

Just like your car, boats need regular maintenance. Most of us have the oil and filter changes, gear lubes, impellers and proper winterizations down pat. But, what about the belts, gimble bearings, seals, sparkplugs, throttle control and such? Most of these items can cost you money as well as time out on the water. 

If you live in a state like our beautiful state of New Hampshire your boating season is short. Who wants to waste a gorgeous weekend sitting on land because of a routine maintenance issue that was not addressed?

Each motor manufacturer has their own maintenance guidelines to follow. Many offer a recommended maintenance schedule like this one from BRP for their Rotax motors. It is based on months or hours of use,  whichever occurs first. Certain engine parts will need to be inspected, replaced, and lubricated. By following the manufacturer’s guidelines, you can help keep those days sitting out on land to a minimum.   

You can decide on a proper maintenance schedule for your boat and follow it, or let your boat break down and decide for you. The former method is far less expensive in the long run than the latter! 

Ignoring an inspection or a scheduled maintenance appointment could cost you more in time and money. For example, if the U-joint bellows were to start leaking this can cause a cascading effect to the gimbal bearing and the U-joints. Always talk with our service department and they can help guide you. 

Owning a boat is expensive, but scheduling and performing  proper maintenance is key and being out on the water with friends and family is priceless. 

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