Freshwater Boating Apps July 8, 2019

There are tons of boating apps ready to download onto your smartphone or tablet, and many of them can be very helpful for navigation, safety and smooth operation of your boat.

However, most of them are designed for saltwater captains. So we thought we’d research some boating apps that are more useful to freshwater mariners. Here’s a list of some of the interesting apps we found.

Fishbrain.  This app connects you with thousands of other anglers who share locations where and what fish are biting, and what bait is working. Also works as a personal catch log to record your success.  Free download for Android and Apple devices.

Navionics Boating Marine and Lakes.  This popular app provides a wealth of nautical charts and navigation tools on salt or fresh water. There are data overlays, sonar charts, auto-routing, navigation aids and weather alerts. Free for 15 day trial, then subscription based. Android and Apple versions.

Fishing and Hunting Solunar Time.  For those who believe in using natural rhythms of Nature as a guide to the best hunting and fishing times, this helpful app will provide major and minor time period estimates, rise, zenith and set times for sun and moon and a five-day weather forecast. Free download for Android devices.

Knot Guide.  Everyone who boats or fishes needs a good resource guide for how-to-tie knots. This app provides users with detailed information about more than 100 knots, divided into 18 categories, including binding, climbing and sailing knots, and most relevantly for us, fishing knots. Users can explore knots by name or category, and each entry comes with a description of its uses, as well as a visual guide to tying the knot. Android and Apple versions.

Go Paddling.  This app contains more than 25,000 put-in locations for kayaks, canoes, paddleboards and other small craft. The locations have been posted by other paddlers, so contain lots of local knowledge. Free download for Android and Apple.

WindAlert.  Global weather observation and forecast app provides real-time weather conditions and forecasts, as well as wind speed and direction info, helpful for kayaks and paddled boats. Nautical charts, info-sharing with others, and other features. Android and Apple devices are supported.

MotionX-GPS.  This app is popular with hikers, bikers, boaters, skimobilers, runners, sailors and other outdoors types. Great local mapping with road, terrain, satellite and marine overlays. App will track and time your progress, even share your routing with friends, mark waypoints and follow pre-determined routes. Designed to work with the Apple Watch. iOS only.

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