Podcasts for Boaters February 3, 2020

Have you gotten into the podcast craze yet? Podcasts are audio shows that are streamed onto your smart phone or tablet for easy, portable listening whenever you choose. Some podcasts originate as over-the-air radio broadcasts, while others are ready made for streaming. 

Many people listen to podcasts when jogging, in the car, or doing other things that don’t require much more attention than just listening. And while there are podcasts for every interest, we’ve listened to a few that might be of interest to boaters and boat owners.

Here’s a list of some of the most popular and interesting boating podcasts:

World of Boating. This nationally syndicated radio show, launched in 2004, is broadcast live every Saturday from 2-3 pm EST, and the programs are then archived at worldofboating.com. The crew, a bunch of old Florida-based salts, is informative and funny as they discuss current topics of interest to boaters, including boat show news, new products, current events, tips and more. 

Recent episode: New dockage in and around Sarasota, FL and warnings about upcoming GPS blockage due to military exercises in the Caribbean and South Florida.

Download from the web site.

The Boat Galley.  Two women with years of experience living aboard boats discuss all the ins and outs of living on a boat.  Their weekly podcast is full of tips and insights, easily digestible (the shows run from five to 20 minutes), and with an honest and fun point of view. Sign up for their newsletter or buy their cookbook for boaters.

Recent episode: How to pick the best teak deck cleaner.

Download from: Apple podcasts, tunein, stitcher, YouTube.

Maritime History Podcast.  The Maritime History Podcast is an episodic survey of historical maritime events. This weekly podcast ranges from 30 to 60 minutes and usually covers one famous naval battle or historical event. Fascinating listening for history buffs. 

Recent episode: The naval battle of Salamis in ancient Greece, between the Greeks and the Persians.

Download from: iTunes, Spotify, website

Boat Radio.  Fantastic talk shows for boat owners, world cruisers, sailing enthusiasts, professional yacht crews and armchair adventurers everywhere. You can hear compelling tales and inspiring stories from often ordinary people who’ve done extraordinary things, plus there’s plenty of practical advice and an indelible streak of marine conservation.

Download from: iTunes, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, audioBoom

Anchors Aweigh.  Matt O’Hara, owner of a boat club and marina on New York’s upstate Lake George, produces this informative podcast that covers boating tips and tricks, boats and gear, industry trends and great boating stories. Informative and fun listening.

Recent episode:  ‘Electric boating from the ground up,’ a conversation with the owners of Templar Marine, an all-electric manufacturer.  

Download from: Apple, TopPodcast, Owltail

Boating Industry Insider.  This podcast visits with top marine dealers, executives, and leaders to learn more about trends and issues affecting the boating industry. A little heavy on the business side, but still interesting to many boaters. 

Recent episode: Host David Gee discusses safe boating initiative with Jim Emmons of the Water Sports Foundation and Pam Dillon of the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators.

Download from: Apple, SoundCloud, Stitcher 

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