Zoom! A New Look at Jet Boats November 3, 2022

They are fast, fun, exhilarating and they make a day on the water fly by. 

Jet boats have been around since the 1950s. They have seen many changes over the years. One of the biggest changes was when they started to swap gas turbines for water jets.  Water jets are more efficient and create less drag, which makes for a faster and easier boat to steer. They’re great for water sports, acceleration is quick and they turn on a dime. 

Jet boats don’t have an exterior propeller. This fact alone brings a sense of comfort when playing in the water and around the stern of the boat. No accidently placing your foot on the prop and getting injured when getting into the boat. 

Since there is no prop or outdrive, jet boats have a shallow draft. Depending on the size of the boat the draft could be as little as 12”. This makes them great for areas with low water levels like at the dock or avoiding those below water obstructions, such as rocks and downed trees.

We often hear folks saying “How big is this boat? The specs say it’s a 21 footer, but it feels so much bigger.” The reason for this is the motor sits lower and further back in the boat. Which means the cockpit/seating area can be a foot or more longer. You may not think 12” can make a big difference, but believe me it can!

Our Scarab jet boat line is built with Rotax motors. These motors have a closed-loop engine cooling system. This protects your engine from harmful salt, gunk and corrosion by cooling it with clean coolant like a car. The drive shaft is enclosed in a sleeve which helps prevent the wrapping of debris, such as tow ropes and weeds. 

One of my favorite features of the Scarab jet boat is the Intelligent Neutral and Reverse (iNR). This comes standard starting with the 195ID and up. It offers the driver ease of shifting, enhanced low speed maneuverability and I Love Love Love the stationary neutral positioning. When in neutral this boat stays put until you decide where you want to go. No more creeping forward or back!  

We may be a bit prejudiced when it comes to our line of Scarab Jet boats, but we believe they are top of the line in comfort, performance and quality. The Scarab Jet boat will bring a smile to any thrill seeker. 

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