Fall Fishing Tips for Lake Winni October 6, 2021

Summer has switched over to fall, which means things are different up on Lake Winnipesaukee.  Pretty soon, the trees will start changing color, chided into their annual show by the steadily decreasing temperatures.

The change in season also affects the fishing out on Lake Winni.  Many local anglers welcome the change of seasons, for different reasons. First, many of the summer tourists have gone back home, which makes the lake seem emptier and more beautiful. And fishing this time of year means layering up, clothing-wise, rather than the opposite.

But the fall season also affects the fish species in the lake, and their behavior.  The decreasing temperatures of the lake waters is a signal to the fish to start bulking up for the coming long winter.  Thus, anglers will see increased, even frenzied, feeding behavior among many of the popular species, including salmon, trout and bass. If you can find a feeding school, your luck will increase!

We found one old angler who’s been successfully fishing Winnepesaukee for years, whose main secret is to find water temperatures in the 48-54 degree range. He actually drops a thermometer to find the cool bands of water.

In the summer, he usually fishes in 35-45 foot depths or even deeper to find his sweet spot. But come October, that temperature can be found as little as 10 feet down!  He swears that this is where the big ones are.

What are his secret spots?  Try Paugus Bay, Alton Bay, the ledges near Three-Mile Island or around Little Bear Island. He’s found lots of success in these areas in the fall months.

One thing to keep in mind: the official season for salmon, trout and some other species ends on September 30 or October 15.  Make sure you check with a local fishing guide to find out what species you can keep, and what needs to be returned to the lake. Other species can be taken year-round.

If you have any other fishing questions, stop by our marina. Most of our Fay’s Boat Yard staff are avid fishermen and we can answer most of your fishing questions.

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