Tips for Getting Your Boat Ready for the Season April 11, 2019

Opening Day Checklist

The Soxs have opened their 2019 campaign, which is an undeniable sign that summer is coming. But just as the ball teams first spend some time in spring training, shaking off the rust of the off-season, it’s a good idea for boat owners to do a few things to get ready for another summer boating season.

Here are a few tips from the mechanics here at Fay’s Boat Yard. We’ve been helping boaters get their season off on the right foot for 75 years!


Check your boat’s surfaces for blisters or cracks. You might need some patching and perhaps a new coat of paint. Wash the hull and apply a fresh coat of wax.

Check the propeller. Damaged or worn props will sap your fuel efficiency.


Winter can be hard on the wiring. And sometimes the wee little critters can get in there and munch on wires. Inspect your wiring and compartments to make sure your wires are all in good shape.

How’s the battery? Check and clean the connectors, give it a good charge and top it off with distilled water.


If your oil wasn’t changed in the fall, it’s not too late to begin a new year with fresh oil and filters.

Inspect the spark plugs and fuel filters…it may be time for changes. Also check all the hoses and clamps–like wiring, winter is hard on hoses.


Check your deck lines and other ropes. Watch for chafing or worn areas. You don’t want a rope to give way in the first strong winds.

Check the bilge pump. No surprise swamping this year!

How’s your safety gear? PFDs and throwables? Up to code? Time to replace?

If you trailer your boat, take some time to inspect this equipment, its wires and lights, and its tires. Check the frame for wear and tear.

This sounds like a lot of work, but really it’s not. The goal is to ensure your boat is prepared and ready for another great season of fun ahead.

And our service technicians here at Fay’s Boat Yard stand ready to help you get your boat ready for the season. We can get her tuned and ready to run. Call us for a scheduled service visit today!

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