Lake Winnipesaukee July 10, 2018

Lake Winni (as the locals refer to her) is the largest lake in New Hampshire at 21 miles long and 1 to 9 miles wide. This beautiful lake which is surrounded by mountain ranges covers 69 square miles and has many great areas to explore. On a clear sunny morning you can look up and see Mount Washington in the distance while paddling across the glass like water. I love to go out in the early mornings before the summer tourist are out on their boats and see the wildlife on the islands, fish swimming under me in the shallow areas, and early morning sunrises. There is always something to see on the lake, from the Sophie C delivering mail to the island residents or seeing a seaplane land on the water. The best view of lake Winni is from a kayak or paddleboard where you can enjoy your time and take in your surroundings.

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