Amy F. July 14, 2021

Can’t say enough good things about the experience we had yesterday. We went there to use the boat launch to put our boat in for the first time this season. A gentleman named Tom (not sure if he was an employee or not) helped us get the boat off the trailer and tied to the dock. We haven’t done this process many times before so he definitely helped with my anxiety and was a god-send at that point! Then. the boat wouldn’t start. They were nice enough to let us sit on the dock for hours to try and fix the issue. They even sent out one of their mechanics who spent time trying to help, too. They also let us borrow some tools that we were missing and were very helpful in trying to help us diagnose the issue. We were able to determine it was the fuel pump, which they had in stock, and we replaced it and went on our way. THANK YOU to Rick, Steve, and everyone else for being so generous and understanding! Our crappy day could’ve been a lot worse.

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