Generation RIBS

With elegant European styling and a sporty wide-body frame, the Generation is sure to exceed your expectations in both form and function. The Generation outperforms its class with incredible handling at high speeds while the spacious interior of the open cockpit design affords ample space for cargo and crew.

Welcome to a new era of luxury RIB tenders.

Premium Quality

From first glance to full inspection, the Generation exudes excellence from bow to stern. Every detail has been painstakingly crafted, from the premium glasswork and Hypalon® construction to the teak inlay and thoughtful luxurious touches.

Generation makes a statement of style and sophistication in a performance RIB.

Spacious & Comfortable

The wide-body, open cockpit design offers a spacious walk-through interior with comfortable seating.

Located in the stern, the driver’s seat features a high back cushioned bench with rounded sides to give extra support on sharp turns. Ergonomic and stylish, the center console provides the driver with legroom and features a large dashboard with substantial smoked windshield and a stainless steel support rail and cup holder.

All seating has removable lavish dual layer high-density foam cushioning with reinforced contrast stitching.

Tons of Storage

Ample storage throughout the Generation keeps the interior space clean and open to move about. With two generous storage compartments in the bow, under seat storage and an easy to access push button hydraulic hatch in the stern, your boat is sure to be free of clutter.

Smooth Ride

The extra deep V-hull design of the Generation RIB cuts through water, providing a solid, smooth ride even though rough chop. In addition to this, the gas tank is custom-fit in the bow section of the keel, moving weight forward in the boat to reduce the impact of chop and contribute to early planing.

Superior Manueverability

As the Generation propels through the water, the concave chines deflect the water down reducing spray and increasing hull traction for aggressive maneuvering while the stern of the hull flattens out to facilitate planing at low speeds. Above the water, the sloping design of the bow step pushes the boat down at the front while the downward curve of the stern lifts the tail to increase stability and handling.

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