Boat Launching

Boat Launch Fees:  CASH Preferred

  • Jet skis $ 20
  • Boats 25’ and under Day Launch – Round trip (in/out) boat with trailer $30 (trailer storage at The Ship disengage then park vehicle back at Yard)
  • Overnight Trailer storage $10 per calendar night

Larger Boats

  • Boats 25’ and over $ 40    –  overnight trailer storage $ 20 per calendar night
  • Boats 30’ and over $ 50     –  overnight trailer storage $ 30 per calendar night
  • Please prepare your boat (coolers, fishing gear, etc.) well away from the boat ramp.

Launch Notes

  • When ready to launch put the HULL PLUG back in and launch the boat
  • If trailer parking is required, proceed to “The Ship” at the end of the road.  Disconnect trailer and take tow vehicle back to yard.
  • Once you have retrieved your vessel quickly move off the ramp.  Draining of holds, live wells or bilges must be done away from the ramp.
  • NEW STATE LAW:  No Aquatic Weeds Can Remain on Boat or Trailer after Haul Out – Drain plug MUST be removed before traveling on Highway or Town Roads.
  • Remember to be courteous……the less time you spend on the ramp and dock, the more other boaters will appreciate you.
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