Boat Launching

Ramp fee is $30.00 and can be paid in the Yard Store.  You will be given an ID tag with your name and phone number, which you will attach to your trailer.

Boat Launch Fees:  CASH Preferred

  • Jet skis $ 20
  • Boats 25’ and under Day Launch – Round trip (in/out) boat with trailer $30 (trailer storage up at The Ship disengage then park vehicle back here)
  • Overnight Trailer storage $10 per calendar night

Larger Boats

  • Boats 25’ and over $ 40    –  overnight trailer storage $ 20 per calendar night
  • Boats 30’ and over $ 50     –  overnight trailer storage $ 30 per calendar night
  • Please prepare your boat (coolers, fishing gear, etc.) well away from the boat ramp.

Launch Notes

  • When ready to launch put the HULL PLUG back in and launch the boat
  • If trailer parking is required, proceed to “The Ship” at the end of the road.  Disconnect trailer and take tow vehicle back to yard.
  • Once you have retrieved your vessel quickly move off the ramp.  Draining of holds, live wells or bilges must be done away from the ramp.
  • NEW STATE LAW:  No Aquatic Weeds Can Remain on Boat or Trailer after Haul Out – Drain plug MUST be removed before traveling on Highway or Town Roads.
  • Remember to be courteous……the less time you spend on the ramp and dock, the more other boaters will appreciate you.
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