The award winning Genesis RIB combines a hull that is durable and easy to maintain with superior features and plenty of space for cargo and crew. Boasting innovative features such as Wheels in the Hull™, a removable floor, and a wider bow area and interior space, it’s no wonder Genesis has been turning heads around the world.

Genesis’s unique transom is extruded from 6061 aluminum with a hinged base that folds down when the tubes are deflated. The transom is extremely stiff, giving this boat the solid ride of a rigid transom while still allowing for the storage advantages of a folding design.

There has never been such an easy to use and versatile small tender.

Injection-Molded Hull

Genesis RIBs are manufactured using the state-of-the-art injection molds, enabling the highest level of finishing and accuracy. High Impact Marine Composite (HIMC) resin is injected into an 82-ton steel mold with over 8,000 tons of clamp force. The result is a superior one-piece hull that is UV protected, lightweight and extremely durable.

What’s more, this type of manufacturing process is entirely environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. More than just a smart choice, this is a boat you can feel good about owning.

Backed by a 10-Year Hull Warranty.

Replaceable Tube

With a hull that will last virtually forever, Genesis is the first RIB of its size, which offers you the option to replace your tube. The hardwearing Genesis hull features a removable tube design, offering ease of maintenance or future tube replacement.

Tube Options

Walker Bay is one of the only inflatable boat manufacturers in the world to offer a choice in fabric options: Hypalon® or PVC. Both fabrics offer durable seams with all seams internally and externally butted for maximum reliability.

Which Fabric to Choose?

The answer to which fabric should you choose lies in what you are looking for in an inflatable. If price isn’t a concern, Hypalon® is an excellent choice for warmer climates or the avid boater. Casual boaters or those who live in milder climates can reap the economical benefits of a PVC boat. Regardless of your choice, a tube cover is strongly recommended as it will protect your tube and prolong the lifespan of your boat.

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