At the Helm – Fay’s Boatyard Newsletter April 2, 2021

Welcome 2021 with a smile

Is everyone glad to say goodbye to 2020 and welcome 2021? We have had a somewhat mild winter as far as snowfall goes but the temperature didn’t let us forget it was winter in New England! After being inside with little exposure to others everyone is excited to see a warm, sunny summer and get boating underway. Just a reminder for those of you down south, it will be a few weeks before ice out!

A reminder that we are requiring a mask be worn inside any buildings and if you are within 6’ of anyone. Many of us have been vaccinated but a mask is for everyone’s protection.

I’m sure many of you have experienced an issue with not receiving a new appliance or a part that is necessary to repair something. We in the Marine Industry are not immune. Because of the shutdowns last year we have very limited new boats in stock. We are still experiencing a backlog of boats and parts that were ordered back in September of 2020. Please be patient with our staff if we have to tell you we cannot accommodate your request.

News from Marine Patrol:

The recent passage of the amendment to 46 USC 4312 requires all operators of boats to use/wear the boat’s Engine Cut-Off Switches (ECOS) when operating above headway (displacement speed in federal terms). This applies to all boats less than 26 feet in length.
Federal agencies will now be enforcing the ECOS mandatory wear laws. This will apply to all motorboats less than 26 feet in length with 115 lbs. of static thrust (approx. 3 horsepower) or more. ECOS can be manual or electronic and must be maintained and remain serviceable by the owner.
Owners of boats that were not manufactured with ECOS (requirement for boat builders was effective 01/01/2020, although many were built with them long before) will not be required to install the switch.
Boats 26 feet and larger
Boats travelling less than headway/displacement speed
Boats with fully enclosed cabins including rear doors preventing person from going overboard.
In NH, federal agencies can enforce this on the coastal waters and those under the jurisdiction of the Army Corps of Engineers. NH does not yet require mandatory ECOS wear. As a result, Marine Patrol Officers will not be enforcing this federal requirement.

Customer Appreciation Party

Last year was the first time since inception we did not have a Customer Appreciation Party in the Valet Building because of Covid19. We are not sure at this time if it would be safe for 2021 either. For those of you who are new customers ask your neighbor or an employee about it. We had food, fun, dancing and prizes usually held mid-August 6-10pm. It’s the Fay Way to say how much we appreciate your patronage. The employees work the party so you and your family can sit and enjoy!

Parking at the Yard

Parking at the yard can become an issue quickly. We appreciate your cooperation in minimizing the number of vehicles you bring. Carpooling would be appreciated. We launch boats through the end of June so please keep in mind we maneuver with forklifts carrying boats so if you’re not sure if you’re parked in the way, please ask!
On another note, if you see something in the yard that is concerning to you, please let management know so we may properly address your concern. We cannot think of everything and cannot fix what we don’t know is broken.

Share with Fay’s

We are always looking for videos and photos of your family enjoying the Lake so post on our website. Show off your family having a ball or leave a nice comment. Go to www.faysboatyard.com under “About us” under “Customer testimonials”
We do have the ability to save a stamp and a tree so let us email your monthly statement. If you choose email make sure Michelle has the correct one on file. To send her a note use billing@faysboatyard.com to confirm your email.

Happenings over the winter

  • We have been working year round improving things. Some improvements are quite visible and some are not so apparent.
  • A complete teardown and rebuild of the brown bathrooms in the middle of the yard. North of the Valet building will be completed by the end of April / May.
  • New gas pumps are installed at the gas dock
  • Jeff’s lower shop got some much needed TLC
  • Repairs on docks are continuous and electrical work will be continued also
  • The chandlery (store) was spruced up with some paint

The Crew at Fay’s

The Fay Family:   Jeffrey Fay    Merrill Fay    William Fay   Steven Fay  (all working members at the yard)

Linda DiRosa: Manager   

Michelle Daviault: AR/AP Bookkeeping

Ralph Reinhold: Yard Manager

Crew: Caleb Drouin, Sam Muscella, Tom Alley

Marvin White: Electrician

Rick Dean: Service Coordinator

Norton Munsey: Marine Tech

Matt Abbate: Marine Tech

Rob Fay: Marine Tech

Bob Kyle: Parts & Store

Eric Harper: Fiberglass Technician

Pepper Sawyer: Canvas Maker

Wayne Barton: Sailboat Manager

Jason Kephart: Tech

Tavis Gibbons: Tech

Bill Bickford: Tech

Mathew Gibbons: Tech

Steve Papavlo: Valet Manager

Kyle Cosselman: Marine Tech

Carla Easter: Assistant in Valet     

Fay’s Boat Sales: Sean Mulligan, Melissa Higgins & Miaya Shurbert  

Abby Miller: Boat Detailer & Store Assistant

Store: Genevieve Galligan     

The Ship: Bonnie Burnett and Lauryn Spadafore

Gas Dock: Kaitlyn Marcella, Brandon Dickinson & Sophia Macdonald

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