Great Summers Start Now October 6, 2017

Fall is upon us! Which means that the New England boating season is coming to an end. Sad to say, but oh so true.

It’s time to start thinking about putting your boats up and your water toys away.   

The key to a successful summer of fun on the water is to plan and prep now. Planning and Preparation help to insure you do not miss a single day of smiles and laughter on the water next season.

Here are a few things you should do now to prepare for a summer of fun on the water with family and friends for years to come:


  1. Clean your boat before putting it away for the season. A clean boat will reduce the work necessary to get her ready for spring. It may seem like a hassle now, but mold is not fun. This is a great time to look for any scratches/dings and get them fixed. Rodents and bugs love canvas and sails! Bring your canvas or sails in where they cannot get at them, if possible. A clean boat going into winter will help keep dirt, mold and corrosion from getting a foothold.  
  2. Treat your motor right and properly winterize it. Change your oil and oil filters. Check for water intrusion. If moisture is present, this could indicate an issue that needs to be inspected and repaired. Taking the time to care for your outboard or sterndrive motor will help protect the longevity and performance of your engine. 
  3. Is your boat stored on a trailer? Don’t forget to give your trailer a once over. Grease your wheel bearings, lube rollers and such. Check your tires, are they cracked, properly inflated?
  4. Are you planning on storing your boat outside? Then you will want to have it shrink wrapped or tarped. When storing outside try putting your boat under a protective canopy if possible. Trust us that white powdery stuff can damage a boat if not properly wrapped. Damage can occur from falling debris and water especially after storms.  
  5. Winter is a great time to schedule work to be done on your boat. Wait until spring and you’re competing with everyone else who wants their boat in the water, NOW!

Let us know how we can help you protect your investment and get the most out of boating season.

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